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NICU Donations

Our 2020 NICU donation drop offs looked a little different in 2020.  We met outside and handed off the sleep sacks and books and safety items to the wonderful NICU staffs at both Covenant Harrison RNICU (Saginaw, MI) and at C.S. Mott Brandon NICU.  A big thanks to Lauren O'Donell of Sweet Dreamers who contributed Safe Sleep board books.


Covenant RNICU

Our first official donation as a foundation was 5 car seats and 48 sleep sacks to the Covenant RNICU in Saginaw, MI, in December of 2019. Read about it on our Facebook page


Safe and Sound

2020 has been a year of uncertainty amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. We were so happy to be able to work with Safe and Sound Child Advocacy to provide 8 families in need with new car seats during this difficult time.  Read more about it here.


Mid Michigan ER

Our family donated 10 car seats to the Mid Michigan Medical Center for families who had been in a vehicle collision.  Any car seat that has been in a serious collision is no longer considered safe, and needs to be replaced.  This donation is what inspired us to start the JH Walker Foundation.  Read about it here

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